Worry no further with aquiring skills and manpower for your deployment and maintenance of your Server Hosting or Email infrastructure. If you're looking to keep IT costs predictable, avoid unexpected problems, setup effective communications and improve functional efficiency ensuring greater business continuity, Infinite IT Systems Inc. has a solution for you.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Say goodbye to technology incompetency- Infinite IT Systems' solutions for Hosting and E-mail will ensure to keep your systems up and running smoothly 24/7 with proactive monitoring for uptime and failure identification - making your business more efficient and your employees more productive for a flat monthly fee.

Cloud Services

Streamline business processes, simplify team communications and demystify file sharing with productive cloud services.

IT Security

Protect yourself from the inevitable Cyber threats prevalent day to day now. Proactive detection, potential vulnerabilities assessments and timely mitigation with managed managed hosting is your best bet.

IT Consulting

Our vetted team of experts is here to best assist for each scenario of your business and infra deployment process.

web, software, & mobile app development

Our robust communication platforms and reliable IT services provide the backbone for business productivity and continuity.

Data Storage

We specialize in building customized cloud Data storage options as per your business needs, making it highly available to everyone working in and for your company around the world., anytime, anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Our specialized Research & Development helps you identify your immediate needs, challenges and aggregate solutions that address your organization's challenges better.

In today's world, businesses must maintain the highest level of network uptime and availability of their online presence. Infinite IT Systems Inc. has helped organizations throughout east coast for dependable IT management and proactive support services.Our team of engineers will serve as a trusted IT partner, keep your technology in optimal condition, and provide a reliable means of raising your ambitious business goals higer every day.

Infinite IT Systems Incorporated

Infinite IT Systems Inc. Server Hosting and E-mail Solutions can customize solutions with a predictable cost and surety of allocated resources and hardware. From guiding your IT and / or cybersecurity strategy, to managing your day-to-day network issues, we have comprehensive solutions that relieves your tensions and maximizes the dependability of your technology stack. If at all you are unsure of what exact support and products you'd need, just let us know and our team would love to sit side by side strategizing your goals and precisely assessing your needs. We try to identify your pain points and challenges and try to devise a solution that fulfils needs for your foreseeable growth.

Why we are the best choice as your managed IT solutions partner

Flat fee services
Predictable, monthly, quarterly or annually paid packages help you plan more effectively and prevent costly over-runs

Contract Freedom
Try our services risk-free without involving yourself into hefty long term contracts. We are here to ease you, not over burden you so feel free to try us out on contract free terms – no strings attached.

Superior Cloud Computing at no-ownership terms.

Hosting in cloud and remote servers not only saves you the expense of buying and maintaining cumbersome IT infrastructure, it can also make it easier for your employees to work and collaborate faster, better. Instead of investing in the hardware and then hiring necessary skills, better host it where you get full management by the industry experts and leave all tensions behind.

Infinite IT Systems Network's Server Hosting and E-mail Solutions are trusted by a number of companies. We help you leverage the cloud, using a mix of best of solutions and completely customized applications.

Ensure the success of your cloud migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving your on-premise servers and applications to the cloud. Without a successful migration, your company may end up wasting resources, lose productivity, or fail to realize the true potential of cloud computing.

Infinite IT Systems Inc. Server Hosting and E-mail Solutions engineers are certified in leading cloud computing platforms from Microsoft, Google and Amazon. They’ll help you determine which services can be securely moved to the cloud, solve any challenges you face during the process, and ensure your migration is smooth and efficient.

Safely migrate data to the cloud

Ensure you maintain security and compliance

Optimize applications for the cloud computing era

World-Class Cybersecurity for Organizations Across the Country

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest threats to the stability and growth of today’s small and midsized businesses. Why? Because as enterprises continue to increase cybersecurity spending, hackers are now focusing on smaller, less defended companies as an easy source of revenue.

Infinite IT Systems Inc. Server Hosting and E-mail Solutions has a solution. For a flat monthly rate, our team will tailor a cybersecurity solution for your business that’s based on leading security resources, like the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity & Risk-Management Framework

We put strong cybersecurity within easy reach of small and midsized businesses

A track record of success at public and private organizations

World-class cybersecurity for any industry or organization

Down-to-earth professionals make cybersecurity less intimidating

Regulatory compliance expertise

Regulatory compliance is a top concern for organizations in industries like financial services, banking, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Many of these industries have experienced a rapid expansion of their regulatory compliance requirements, and now face higher penalties for weak compliance than ever before.

We have over 20 years of experience providing world-class regulatory compliance consulting.




DFAR & NIST SP 800-171

NYS-DFS part 500